What to Look for in your Heirloom Leather Piece

What to Look for in your Heirloom Leather Piece

There is nothing like receiving something that once belonged to your mom, grandfather or favorite aunt. Heirloom pieces hold countless memories and stories. They are often fashioned from solid, genuine materials and they carry with them the essence of those who have left us. They are truly invaluable. My family is fortunate enough to own several heirloom pieces. My wife's go-to jewelry for any occasion consists of an old gold watch her father gave her and a 100 year old necklace passed down from her aunt. I keep my grandfather's antique pocket-watch  wrapped in an old sock tucked away from tiny hands. We usually prefer these items over something new. These are the treasures that we, at Hog Creek Leatherwork, hope to create for you - wallets passed down from father to grandson and journal covers that will protect pages of sermon notes for generations to come.

The smell, look and feel of leather gets richer with age. Quality leather goods are made by combining fine leather with a creative mind and skilled hands.

Here are some things you can expect from a Hog Creek Leatherwork product that you may not find elsewhere:

  • Classic Design
  • Finished Edges
  • Angled Hand-Stitching
  • Stitching that matches or compliments the color of the leather
  • The Hog Creek Leatherwork maker's mark on each piece.
  • One-of-a-Kind pieces - I carefully inspect every cut of leather choosing only the best. Each piece is then meticulously hand-sewn.
  • In-Person Consultations when possible. 

Here at Hog Creek Leatherwork we truly look forward to working with each customer to ensure you receive the best experience. Shop around or contact us for an heirloom piece that will last you beyond your lifetime.