From Polished to Patina

From Polished to Patina

At Hog Creek Leatherwork we love a good patina. Each dark spot, scratch, and faded tone tells a story and makes your leather good unique. However, there are definitely some things to know about leather so that your item does not age too quickly. 

Water Damage - Do not worry just dry it with a cloth and let it air dry.  Do not use bleach or detergent on moldy leather. Let it air dry and wipe the mold from the surface of the leather with a damp cloth. Let it dry for a second time and then use a leather cleaner to clean the entire piece. Let it dry completely. 

Stretched Out Belts - leather will stretch from wear which is a part of it breaking in. Use a belt hanger to store your belts. A well-made, lined belt might stretch less because it is sewn all around. Holes will stretch but do not throw your belt away. Just have another hole punched.

Conditioning Leather - Think of leather like your own skin. It needs to be hydrated. You can use a leather conditioner or leather balm. We do not recommend using oil because it will darken the leather. We recommend the brand Saphir for leather conditioning and polishing. You can apply this to your shoes, wallets, journals, etc.

Creases and Wrinkles - There is not much you can do to erase a crease or wrinkle but this is where the application of a leather conditioner will prove worthwhile.

Storage - When you are carrying or storing your leather goods be mindful that the sun will  fade leather and sweat will also add to the patina of the leather wallet that is kept in your back pocket. 

A Beautiful Patina - Most all leather patinas but chrome-tanned leather does not patina well. It looks best new. You know how a leather jacket looks - rough grayed edges and creases? It is likely chrome-tanned. Vegetable-tanned leather ages nicely. Most Hog Creek Leatherwork products are made from this leather and produce a great patina. You will enjoy watching the color change.

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